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The Power of Healing Prayer in action


The Well has helped thousands of people since it first opened its doors in February 2004. As a result we have received a great many testimonies which encourage others who need help as well as the Well Team itself. Below are a few for you to see from those who have experienced the healing power of prayer for themselves, first hand. These are ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience.


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Gary’s Story

My name’s Gary. Through The Well’s ministry, God dramatically transformed my life.

Growing up on a Manchester council estate surrounded by drugs, crime and violence, I was constantly fearful. I rebelled, resorting to alcohol, drugs and crime to drive the fear away. At fifteen I went to prison. When I came out, I tried to change. I moved home, hung out with good people, got counselling – but I always ended up back inside.

I heard about Jesus and how he could give me a new start whilst at a Christian rehab in Coventry. But after rehab I just went back to my old ways.

Finally I cried out to God to save me. Within days I lost all desire to do drink and drugs.

I got baptised and went to live in Royal Leamington Spa with some Christians I’d met in Coventry, and started going to church.

That’s where I heard about The Well.

I’d given up drink, drugs and crime, but was still struggling with fear and longstanding issues. So I decided to give The Well a try.

The Well was the family I had never had. I felt welcomed, loved and accepted. They prayed for me and shared encouraging Scripture and I felt God’s powerful presence and love.

After a few prayer ministry sessions, the fear that had haunted me all my life began to lift.

I started volunteering at The Well, helping set up for events. Through this, God helped me develop a sense of dignity and self-worth.

All my life, I’d worked the benefits system, but now God gave me a deep desire to work. It’s not easy getting work when you have a criminal record as long as mine. The Well helped me apply for a position as a caretaker for a local church – my first ever paid job at the age of twenty-eight!

Since then, I’ve got a diploma, worked with adults with mental health issues and become an evangelist. I’ve also bought a house and married Ania, a beautiful woman of God.

Currently, I manage a café and a team of volunteers for a charity that helps the homeless, ex-convicts and drug addicts. I use my life experiences to help them get back on their feet. And I’m about to start studying for a theology degree at Bible College.

I’m so grateful to God for saving and healing me, and to The Well for believing in me and helping me.

You can help someone else like Gary discover God’s healing love

The Well opens every week to offer healing prayer to all in need. But we can only do so with your help.

Your gift today could change a life – as it changed Gary’s.


I would like to thank the Well and my personal intercessors for healing ministry.

I attended for a personal prayer time on 12 April 2017

I had been suffering from macula oedema in my right eye since September 2016. This probably arose from radiation damage during radiotherapy following the successful removal of a skull tumour in September 2014.

God is good and a leading ophthalmologist sought treatment for me, even though it was hard to set up because there seemed to be no clear pathway to support the treatment of people with macula oedema caused by radiation damage. This was because there were so few of us nationwide.

The treatment involved monthly injections into the damaged eye. Between September and November 2016 there was some degree of healing before injections.began. However from November 2016 to April 2017 scans showed a worsening of the condition each month.

We had a lot of prayer support from family and friends and carried on in faith despite the worsening of my vision. In April I was given the option of receiving another injection or going onto monitoring only, given my eye’s lack of response to treatment at that time.

I feel that God gave me wisdom and I asked for another injection. That was on 11 April and the day after I had an appointment for personal healing prayer at the Well.

The two prayer intercessors who welcomed me and my husband were very kind, wise and godly in their approach and their healing ministry was rooted deeply in God’s word. I also knew that they would keep my personal details in confidence, something I have not experienced with all intercessors.
They prayed graciously for my physical healing and for the removal of any psychological and spiritual blocks that might hinder healing. There was a sense of peace.

The May monthly consultation at the Eye Hospital did not run. However my vision was tested by the nursing and scan teams on 28 May 2017. At this point I had had no medical treatment since 11 April but I had had intercessory and healing prayer. My reading chart result had improved by two or more lines praise the Lord!

My mind is being renewed.

Thank you so much for all your time, care, consideration and prayers! I feel as though my life is changing and progressing in the right direction since attending the Well for prayer.

The Bible verses you gave to me and prayed into my life are timely. My mind is being renewed and I can see myself differently. I now know that God is my Father and that His love will never run out. Jesus has set me free and healed my wounds which brought me low and into a place of despair. You gave me Gals 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set me free!” This is exactly what Jesus has done.

Thank you for journeying with me and helping me to experience Jesus’ healing.

Blessed and grateful

Following the first of a series of ruptured ovarian cysts I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I was very unwell and had many hospital visits. Then I came to a Streams evening on healing, together with some women from my church. I received prayer for my condition.

My doctors had already booked an ultrasound appointment for me, hoping to catch a further cyst before another very painful rupture. In the event, the ultrasound showed that my ovaries and womb looked totally normal and my left ovary had healed completely. My blood test came back as normal as well. So, not only has God healed me from PCOS (which, medically, has no cure), he has also healed me from hypoglycaemia. I feel so blessed and am full of gratitude.

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If you would like a Healing Prayer Appointment please contact The Well